Enter the initial temperature and final temperature of a substance or object to calculate the delta T.

Delta T Formula

The following formula is used to calculate delta T.

ΔT = T2 – T1

  • Where ΔT is the change in temperature (delta T)
  • T2 is the final temperature
  • T1 is the initial temperature

Delta T Definition

Delta T, denoted ΔT, is the term and symbol used to describe the change in temperature of a substance, system, or object. the delta in delta T is the term used to describe the change in and the T denotes temperature.

Delta T Example

How to calculate delta T?

  1. First, determine the initial temperature.

    Measure the initial temperature of the material.

  2. Next, determine the final temperature.

    Measure the final temperature of the material over the time period.

  3. Finally, calculate the delta T.

    Calculate the change in temperature by subtracting the initial temperature from the final temperature.


What is delta?

Delta is a symbol used in mathematics and science to describe the change in a value. For example ΔT is the change in temperature while ΔP is the change in pressure and so forth.