Select the total number of dice and the probability metric needed to be calculated. The calculator will evaluate and display that probability as a ratio and %.

Dice Probability Formulas

The following formulas are used to calculate different dice probabilities. (6 sided dice)

  1. Chance to get any given value (sum of all dice)
    1. C = 1 / 6 * D
      • Where D is the number of dice
  2. Change to get matching values on all dice. (i.e. 1/1/1 on 3 dice)
    1. C = (1 / 6 ) ^ D
      • Where D is the number of dice
  3. Chance to get at least 1 value on a role of D number of dice.
    1. C = D / 6
      • Where D is the number of dice

These formulas are only used for 6 sided dice. For different-sided dice, you must change the value 6 to the number of sides on the dice.

Dice Probability Definition

Dice Probability is defined as the chance of an event occurring while rolling 1 or more dice.

Dice Probability Example

How to calculate dice probability?

  1. First, choose the event.

    Choose which outcome you wish to calculate the probability of.

  2. Next, determine the probability.

    Based on the event you chose, calculate the probability of that happening when you roll the dice.


What is the chance of rolling a number on dice?

The chance of rolling any number with a single die is 1/6 or 16.66%.

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