Select the total number of dice and the probability metric needed to be calculated. The calculator will evaluate and display that probability as a ratio and %.

Dice Probability Formulas

The following formulas are used to calculate different dice probabilities. (6 sided dice)

  1. Chance to get any given value (sum of all dice)
    1. C = 1 / 6 * D
      • Where D is the number of dice
  2. Change to get matching values on all dice. (i.e. 1/1/1 on 3 dice)
    1. C = (1 / 6 ) ^ D
      • Where D is the number of dice
  3. Chance to get at least 1 value on a role of D number of dice.
    1. C = D / 6
      • Where D is the number of dice

These formulas are only used for 6 sided dice. For different-sided dice, you must change the value 6 to the number of sides on the dice.

Dice Probability Definition

Dice Probability is defined as the chance of an event occurring while rolling 1 or more dice.

Dice Probability Example

How to calculate a dice probability?

First, determine the event or outcome you wish to calculate the probability of. In this example, we are examining the chance to get matching numbers when rolling 3 different dice (or the same die 3 times).

Next, choose the formula above that matches the probability event you are calculating and also decide the number of sides to the dice. In this case, the number of sides is 6 and the formula is:

C = (1 / 6 ) ^ D

C = (1 / 6 ) ^ 3

C = .0046 = .46% chance.


What is the chance of rolling a number on dice?

The chance of rolling any number with a single die is 1/6 or 16.66%.