Dipole Antenna Calculator – Length | Formula

Enter the frequency to be used by the antenna into the calculator to determine the total length of the dipole and length of each side.

Dipole Antenna Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the dipole antenna length.

L = 468 / f

  • Where L is the length (feet)
  • f is the frequency in MHz

How to calculate a dipole antenna length

  1. First, determine the frequency to be used.

    Determine the frequency in MHz.

  2. Calculate the total length

    Calculate the total length of the dipole using the formula above.

  3. Calculate the length of each element

    Divide the value from step 2 by 2 to calculate the length of each side.


What is a dipole antenna?

A dipole antenna is a type of antenna with two equal length elements on each side of the antenna.

What is the length of the antenna?

The height of the antenna can be any value both the length of the dipoles are specific to the frequency.

dipole antenna calculator

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