Double Discount Calculator

Enter the original price, 1st discount %, and 2nd discount % into the double discount calculator. The calculator will display the final price and total savings.

Double Discount Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the final price of an item under a double discount.

FP = (IP-(IP*1D) – (IP-(IP*1D)*2D

  • Where FP is the final price
  • IP is the initial price
  • 1D is the first discount
  • 2D is the second discount

In the formula above the 1st and 2nd discounts are in terms of decimals. Percentages would need to be divided by 100.

How to calculate a double discount

  1. Determine the initial variables

    First, determine the initial price, and both discounts.

  2. Calculate the price after the first discount

    Subtract the initial price times the 1st discount from the initial price.

  3. Calculate the final price

    Subtract the value from step 2 times the 2nd discount from the value in step 2.


What is a double discount?

A double discount is a type of savings that applies to separate discounts to an item.

double discount calculator