Use this draw length calculator to improve your archery performance. Enter your wingspan and this calculator will determine the proper draw length.

Draw Length Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a draw length

DL = (WS - 15) / 2
  • Where DL is the draw length (in)
  • and WS is your wingspan. (in)

To calculate the draw length, subtract 15 inches from your wingspan, then divide by 2.

Draw Length Definition

Draw length is typically the distance from the knock point of your throat to the grip of the bow + 1.75″.

How to calculate draw length?

How to calculate draw length?

  1. First, measure your wingspan.

    Measure your wingspan in inches.

  2. Next, plug your wingspan into the formula.

    Using the formula above or the calculate, determine your draw length.


Why is draw length important?

A proper draw length allows for maximum tension with the least effort. This leads to better distance on shooting and better accuracy.

draw length calculator
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