Win Percentage Calculator

Enter the total number of wins and total number of games played or attempts at a given take to calculate the winning percentage. How much do you win?

Win Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a win percentage:

W% = W/A*100

  • Where W% is the win percentage
  • W is the total wins
  • A is the total attempts or total games played

What is win percentage?

This calculator converts total wins and total number of attempts into a ratio, percent, and decimal.

Calculating the winning percentage of a sports team or game is as simple as calculating the percentage of any other set of numbers. When it comes to winning percentage however, sometimes a ratio or decimal is used to display the values.

A decimal is usually used in sports. For example, if a team wins 50 games out of 100, they have a a 50% win rate, but typically this is displayed by .500. Ever heard the saying above or below 500? That comes from the decimal above. If you win more than 50% of your matches, then you are “above 500”.

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