ERA Calculator (Earned Run Average)

Calculate your earned run average using this ERA calculator. Enter the earned runs, innings pitched, and game innings to determine your ERA.

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Earned run average is a measure in baseball, softball, and cricket used to determine how good a pitcher is. In short, it’s a ratio or runs (minus runs due to errors), innings pitched, and outs pitched. The less runs the less ERA a pitcher will have.

Inning Per Sport

  • Baseball = 9 Innings
  • Softball = 7 Innings
  • Cricket = 1 or 2 Innings

ERA Formula

ERA = (earned runs / innings pitched) * game innings

  • Where earned runs is equal to total runs – runs due to errors
  • Innings pitched is total innings pitched
  • game innings is the total innings in a game

We will now go over an example of calculating the ERA for a pitcher.

  1. First, we need to determine the total earned runs of the pitcher. As mentioned previously, this does not include runs due to errors. That is runs that occurred because of a teammate making an error such as dropping a ball. For this example we will assume the total runs to be 5 runs.
  2. Next, we need to determine the total innings pitched. Innings not pitched in, such as when a reliever comes. For this example our pitcher pitched 6 innings.
  3. Determine what sport you are playing and determine the total innings in the game. For this, we are assuming it’s baseball, so the innings is 9.
  4. Finally enter all the values into the formula

ERA = (5/ 6) * 9 = 7.50

That’s not a terribly good ERA for a starting pitcher in the MLB. For reference the lead ERA in the MLB for the year 2018 was 1.89. This is much lower than the 7.50 above. An ERA this high would likely get you cut from the team!

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