Calculate your baseball WHIP. Whip stands for walks and hits per inning pitched. This calculator evaluates your total whip based on hits, walks, and innings pitched.

WHIP Formula

The formula for WHIP is as follows:

WHIP = ( W + H )/ IP
  • Where W is walks
  • H is hits
  • and IP is innings pitched.

To calculate WHIP, add the walks and hits together, then divide by the number of innings pitched.

WHIP Defintion

WHIP is a term used in baseball that refers to the ratio of the sum of the walks and hits to the total innings.

What is a good WHIP in baseball?

An average WHIP is around 1.5. This means that a good WHIP would be considered anything under 1, and a bad WHIP would be anything over 2. A WHIP of 1 equates to 7 total hits and walks per 7 innings.

Do intentional walks count against WHIP?

WHIP considers both intentional and unintentional walks. While intentional walks are used in certain scenarios to avoid good batters, it will still negatively the WHIP of the pitcher.

Should WHIP in baseball be high or lower?

A pitcher in baseball will want to shoot for the lowest WHIP possible. A low WHIP means that on a per-inning basis the pitcher throws a low number of hits and walks a low number of batters. In some cases, a pitcher can have a high number of walks, but still a low WHIP if they keep the number of hits low as well.

How to Calculate WHIP

WHIP is a term used in baseball that refers to the ratio of walks, hits, and innings pitched. It’s a statistic used for pitchers that are often considered one of the most important stats for a pitcher. This is because it considers a walk just as bad as a hit, which in reality, it could be worse. Typically when walking a batter at least 4 pitches must be thrown, but it’s likely more. So not only does the runner get on base, but your pitch count has gone up considerably. This is compared to the 2.5 pitches on average per batter that gets a hit.


What is WHIP?

WHIP stands for walks, hits, innings pitched, and is a baseball metric to determine how good a pitcher is.

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