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Calculate your kill to death ratio in any game using this calculator. How often are you dying compare to how often you are killing?

KD Ratio Calculator

What is your KD ratio? KD is short for kill to death ratio. It’s most often used in shooting and fighting video games to describe how often you die versus how often you kill someone.

In games that rely solely on kills vs deaths, this is a key metric and your ability as a video game player. In games where assists and other metrics are taken into account, this is only one factor that describes your skill.

This is normal displayed as a ratio as follows:

KD Ratio Formula

KD = K : D or K/D

  • where K = Kills
  • D = Deaths

KDA = (K + A) / D

  • Where K is kills
  • D is deaths
  • and A is assists

What is a KD Ratio?

KDA is typically used as a measure of skill in a video game. The higher the KDA Ratio, the better the individual in most cases.

There is not always a 1:1 relationship between KDA and skill because sometimes it makes sense for a player to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. In this case, win percentage is a better measure of skill.

This can be calculated using the calculator linked below.

How do you improve a KD?

The first step is to analyze why you are dying so much in-game. A few reasons could be playing very aggressively or bad motor skills.

The quickest way to improve KDA is to play passively and “camp”. This does not always lead to more wins, but it does lead to a better KDA.

What is a good KD ratio?

An easy way to look at KD is to assume that a KD ratio of 1 is exactly average. That’s because for every 1 kill you have 1 death, or exactly average.

Anything above a KD of 1 is above average and everything below is that is below average.

An example of a good KD is 4.0. That is you have 4 kills for every 1 death. When looking at the normal player base, this KD is usually in the 95th percentile of players.

That is only 5% of players have a KD this good.

When looking at KDA, these numbers get inflated drastically because you can have a lot of assists without getting any kills.

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