Enter the max signal and the total dark noise into the calculator to determine the dynamic range of a spectrometer.

Dynamic Range Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a dynamic range.

  • Where DNR is the dynamic range
  • MS is the max signal when light is entering the spectrometer
  • DN is the dark noise, or the signal registered when no light is present

To calculate dynamic range, divide the max signal by the dark noise.

Dynamic Range Definition

A dynamic range is a measure of the ratio of a maximum signal to the dark noise of a spectrometer.

Dynamic Range Example

How to calculate dynamic range?

  1. First, determine the maximum signal.

    Measure or calculate the maximum signal.

  2. Next, determine the dark noise.

    The dark noise is calculated by measure 25-50 dark level measurements and calculating the RMS level with the standard deviation for each wavelength.

  3. Finally, calculate the dynamic range.

    Calculate the dynamic range using the formula above.


What is a spectrometer?

A spectrometer is an instrument that can detect wavelengths of material at very small scales that are used to determine the composition of the materials.

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