Error Bound Calculator (Simpsons Rule)

Enter the upper and lower bounds along with the approximate function power 4 into the calculator to determine the result in error bound.

Error Bound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the result in error bound.

n > [((b-a)^5)*M] / (180^1/4)

  • Where n is the result in error bound
  • a is the lower bound
  • b is the upper bound
  • M is the approximate function power 4

Error Bound Definition

An error bound is known as the value of variance between a function.

Error Bound Example

Lets look at an example problem of how to use this formula.

  1. First, determine the upper bound. For this example we will assume it is 4.
  2. Next, determine the lower bound. For this example we will say its’ 1.
  3. Next, determine the approximate function power 4. We will say this value is 3 for this problem.
  4. Finally, calculate the error bound using the formula above. We find the result = 1.4186.
error bound calculator
error bound formula

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