Enter the Euclidean coordinates of two points into the calculator. The Euclidean distance calculator will evaluate the distance between the two points.

Euclidean Distance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the euclidean distance between points.

D = √[ ( X2-X1)^2 + (Y2-Y1)^2) 
  • Where D is the distance
  • X1 and X2 are the x-coordinates
  • Y1 and Y2 are the y-coordinates

To calculate a Euclidean distance, add together the values of the difference between the X coordinates squared plus the difference between the y coordinates squared, then take the square root of the result.

Euclidean Distance Definition

A euclidean distance is defined as any length or distance found within the euclidean 2 or 3-dimensional space.

Euclidean Distance Example

How to calculate Euclidean distance

  1. First, determine the coordinates of point 1

    Determine both the x and y coordinates of point 1.

  2. Next, determine the coordinates of point 2

    Determine both the x and y coordinates of point 2 using the same method as in step 1.

  3. Calculate the distance

    Enter the information from steps 1 and 2 into the equation to calculate the distance in the euclidean space.


What is the euclidean space?

The Euclidean space is the 2 or 3-dimensional spaces in geometry in which axioms or objects can exist.