Enter the cost per ton of feed, and the total pounds of feed required into the calculator to determine the total cost of grain.

Feedlot Cost of Grain Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Feedlot Cost of Grain.

TC = C/T * W /2000

  • Where TC is the total cost of grain ($)
  • C/T is the cost per ton of grain ($/ton)
  • W is the total weight of grain required (lbs)

To calculate the feedlot cost of grain, multiply the cost per ton by the weight in pounds, then divide by 2000.

What is a Feedlot Cost of Grain?


A feedlot cost of grain is a measure of the total cost it takes to feed a lot of animals with grain.

How to Calculate Feedlot Cost of Grain?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Feedlot Cost of Grain.

First, determine the total cost per ton of grain. In this example, a total cost of $100.00 per ton will be used.

Next, determine the total amount of weight of grain needed for the lot. In this example, the lot of cattle requires 10,000 lbs of grain.

Finally, calculate the cost of grain using the formula above:

TC = C/T * W /2000

TC = 100 * 10000 /2000

TC = $500.00