Enter the total volume of milk and the yield rate percentage into the calculator to determine the total paneer yield.

Paneer Yield Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Paneer Yield.

PY = V * 1000* Y
  • Where PY is the total paneer yield (grams)
  • V is the total volume of milk (L)
  • Y is the yield rate of the milk (%)
    • Normal Cows milk yields roughly 20%

To calculate the paneer yield, multiply the total volume of milk by 1000, then multiply by the yield rate.

What is a Paneer Yield?


A paneer yield is the total weight of a paneer created by a certain volume of milk. The amount yielded is dependent on the type of milk used.

How to Calculate Paneer Yield?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Paneer Yield.

First, determine the total volume of milk. In this example, the total volume of milk is 20 L.

Next, determine the yield rate percentage. This is normal cows milk, so the yield rate is 20%.

Finally, calculate the total yield using the formula above:

PY = V * 1000* Y%

PY = 20 * 1000* .20

PY = 4000 grams