Enter the total weight of the harvest or sample, the weight per bushel, and the total number of acres to calculator the harvest yield.

Harvest Yield Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a harvest yield.

HY = A / B / C
  • Where HY is the harvest yield (bushels/acre)
  • A is the total weight of the harvest (lbs)
  • B is the lbs/bushel of the crop
  • C is the total number of acres

To calculate the harvest yield, divide the weight by the weight per unit, then divide by the number of acres. This provides the harvest yield in units per acre.

What is a harvest yield?


A harvest yield, also known as crop yield, is a measure of the total amount of crop a given area of land yields per harvest. In other words, how much crop you get per area.

How to calculate harvest yield?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the harvest yield of a given crop.

First, determine the total weight of the harvest. In this example, the total weight is 1000 lbs.

Next, determine the total amount of lbs per unit or bushel. In this case, the units are bushels, and the weight is 60 lbs per bushel.

Next, determine the total area of land the crop was harvested from. In this case, the land was 10 acres.

Finally, calculate the harvest yield using the formula above:

HY = A / B / C

HY = 1000/60/10

HY = 1.666 bushels per acre