Enter the width of the mower and the speed of the mower into the calculator to determine the acres per hour.

Acres Per Hour Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total amount of acres per hour a lawnmower can mow.

APH = (MW/12) * (MS * 5280) / 43560 * .90

  • Where APH is the acres per hour
  • MW is the mower width (inches)
  • MS is the mower speed (mph)

This formula assumes a 10% overlap when cutting.

What is acres per hour?


Acres per hour is a unit of square area per unit of time, in this case, acres and hours respectively.

The term is most often used in landscaping to describe how much area a lawnmower can cut per hour.

How to caclulate acres per hour?


The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate how many acres per hour a lawnmower can cut.

First, determine the width of the mower. In this example, the lawnmower is measured to have a 24-inch width.

Next, determine the speed the mower can run at. This should be taken as the maximum speed. In this case, the lawnmower has a rated max speed of 15 MPH.

Finally, calculate the acres per hour the lawnmower can cut using the formula above:

APH = (MW/12) * (MS * 5280) / 43560 * .90

APH = (24/12) * (15 * 5280) / 43560 * .90

APH = 3.2727 acres per hour