Enter the total number of cups of flour used in the recipe into the calculator to determine the flour weight.

Flour Weight Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total weight of flour used in a recipe.

FW = C * 120 
  • Where FW is the flour weight (grams)
  • C is the number of cups of four

To calculate the flour weight, simply multiply the cubs of flour by 120.

What is the weight of 1 cup of flour?

One cup of all-purpose flour averages 120 grams of weight. One cup of almond flour has 96 grams of weight and pizza flour has 116 grams of weight.

How to calculate flour weight?

The following example outlines the steps required to calculate the weight of the flour used in a recipe.

First, determine the type of flour. In this example, the flour is standard all-purpose flour.

Next, determine the number of cups in the recipe. For this problem, there are 5 cups of flour.

Finally, calculate the flour weight using the formula:

FW = C * 120

FW = 5 * 120

FW = 600 grams