Enter the total number of seconds it takes the particle to complete on oscillation to determine its frequency.

Frequency of Oscillation Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the frequency of oscillation.

f = 1/ T
  • Where f is the frequency (Hz)
  • T is the time it takes to complete one oscillation (seconds)

To calculate frequency of oscillation, take the inverse of the time it takes to complete one oscillation.

Frequency of Oscillation Definition

A frequency of oscillation is the number of oscillations of a particle under harmonic motion per second of time.

Frequency of Oscillation Example

How to calculate a frequency of oscillation?

  • 1.First, determine the time for one oscillation. Calculate the amount of time it takes to perform one oscillation.
  • 2.Next, calculate the frequency. Determine the frequency using the formula above.


What are hertz?

Hertz is a unit of measure used to describe the number of oscillations per second of time of an oscillating object. Add question