Enter the health, education, and income indexes into the calculator to determine the HDI.

HDI Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the HDI.

HDI = (Ih * Ie * Ii )^1/^3 
  • Where HDI is the human development index
  • Ih is the health index
  • Ie is the education index
  • Ii is the income index

To calculate the HDI, multiply the health, education, and income indices together, then raise the result to the one third power.

More about calculating the values of these indices can be found here.

HDI Definition

HDI stands for the human development index. It’s a measure used to rank the human development of given countries. In other words, this can be used to distinguish between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries.

HDI Example

How to calculate HDI?

  1. First, determine the health index.

    Calculate the health index.

  2. Next, determine the education index.

    Calculate the education index.

  3. Next, determine the income index.

    Calculate the income index.

  4. Finally, calculate the HDI.

    Calculate the human development index using the formula above.


What is HDI?

HDI is a measure of the current development level of a country.