Enter the mass flow rate, specific heat, and change in temperature into the calculator to determine the heat load.

Head Load Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a heat load.

Q = MF * CP * T
  • Where Q is the heat load (kW)
  • MF is the mass flow rate (kg/s)
  • CP is the specific heat (kJ/kg)
  • T is the change in temperature (K or C)

To calculate the heat load, multiply the mass flow rate by the specific heat, then multiply the result by the change in temperature.

Heat Load Definition

A heat load is defined as the total energy that is extracted from an area in order to keep the temperature constant.

Heat Load Example

How to calculate heat load?

  1. First, determine the mass flow rate.

    For this example, it’s found that the mass flow rate is 20 kg/s.

  2. Next, determine the specific heat.

    The specific heat of the gas in the area is found to be 40 kJ/kg.

  3. Next, determine the change in temperature.

    After a certain amount of time, the temperature changes to 10 C.

  4. Finally, calculate the heat load.

    Using the formula we find the heat load to be 20*40*10 = 8,000 kW.


What is a heat load?

A heat load is the amount of energy that needs to be extracted from a given area to keep the space within a certain temperature range.

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