Enter the total impact force and the angle of impact into the calculator to determine the horizontal and vertical impact forces.

Horizontal & Vertical Impact Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Horizontal & Vertical Impact Forces.

IFx = IF * Sin (a)
IFy = IF * Cos (a)
  • Where IFx is the horizontal impact force (N)
  • IFy is the vertical impact force (N)
  • IF is the impact force (N)
  • A is the angle of impact (degrees)

To calculate the horizontal and vertical impact force, multiply the impact force by the sine and cosine of the angle, respectively.

What is are the Horizontal & Vertical Impact Forces?


The horizontal and vertical impact forces and the x and y components of forces acting on an object during impact.

How to Calculate Horizontal & Vertical Impact Forces?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate horizontal and vertical impact forces.

First, determine the impact force. In this example, the impact force is found to be 150 N.

Next, determine the angle of impact. In this case, the angle of impact is measured to be 40 degrees.

Finally, calculate the components of the impact force using the formula above:

IFx = IF * Sin (a)

IFy = IF * Cos (a)

IFx = 150*Sin(40deg) = 96.418 N

IFy = 150 *Cos(40deg) = 114.90 N