Use the salary to hourly wage calculator below to convert your salary into an equivalent hourly pay.

Hourly Pay Formula

This calculator uses a basic formula for estimating your hourly pay based on your salary.

First, it takes 52 weeks in a year and subtracts both vacation and holidays that you do not work. This is referred to as the effective weeks of work. In other words, the amount of weeks/days that you are actually at work putting in the time.

Next, it divides the total salary you entered by the effective work weeks, and then divides by the number of hours you typically work a week. It’s important that the calculator takes into account how many hours you actually work as opposed to the standard 40-hour workweek.

This gives you your final answer and estimated hourly pay based on your salary.

If you want to include bonus or profit-sharing into the equation, simply add it to the salary field.

How to calculate Salary to Hourly

Why is it important to know your hourly pay equivalent if you are a salaried employee? This is a good question and has a multi-faceted answer.

First, no matter what field you are in, not every company pays a salary or hourly. Some pay daily, weekly, or even monthly. When you’re looking for a job, or even just evaluating your current position, it’s important to understand where you stand with regards to your pay, in all aspects, in order to make the right decision for your career. This includes knowing what your weekly and daily pay is like

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