Enter the RPM and the injector pulse width into the calculator to determine the injector duty cycle.

Injector Duty Cycle Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an injector duty cycle:

  • Where IDC is the injector duty cycle
  • RPM is the rotations per minute
  • IPW is the injector pulse width (ms)

To calculate the injector duty cycle, multiply the RPM of the injector by the pulse width of the injector.

What is an injector duty cycle?


An injector duty cycle is a measure of the percentage of time that an injector is being supplied by with power.

How to calculate an injector duty cycle?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the duty cycle of an injector.

First, determine the RPM of the injector. In this example, the RPM of the injector is found to be 3000 RPM.

Next, determine the pulse width in milliseconds. In this case, the pulse width is 14.571 ms.

Finally, calculate the injector duty cycle (IDC) using the formula provided above:


IDC = 3000 * 14.571

IDC = 43,713 ms = 43.713 seconds