Enter the length of the minor arc and the radius of a circle into the calculator. The calculator will display the inscribed angle of that circle. View the image below to understand what the inscribed angle is.

Inscribed Angle Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the inscribed angle of a circle and minor arc.

A = 90 * L / Pi*R

  • Where A is the inscribed angle
  • L is the length of the minor arc
  • R is the radius

Inscribe Angle Definition

An inscribed angle is an angle contained within two arcs across a circle. The formula above uses the minor arc, or shortest arc, for the calculation of the inscribed angle.

Inscribed Angle Example

How to calculate an inscribed angle?

  1. First, determine the minor arc.

    Measure the length of the minor arc.

  2. Next, determine the radius.

    Measure the length of the radius.

  3. Finally, calculate the inscribed angle.

    Using the formula above, calculate the inscribed angle.


What is an inscribed angle?

An inscribed angle is angle contained between two arcs in a circle.

inscribed angle formula