Katch-McArdle Calculator

Enter your weight and body fat percentage into the calculator to determine your BMR using the Katch-McArdle equation.

Katch-McArdle Formula

The following is the equation described by the Katch-McArdle formula.

BMR = 370 + (23.6 * (W X (100 – (BF))) / 100)

  • Where BMR is your basal metabolic rate
  • W is your weight (kg)
  • BF is your body fat percentage (%)

Katch-McArdle Definition

A katch-mcardle equation is a formula used to calculate the amount of calories a person burns while at rest throughout the day.


What is the Katch-McArdle formula?

This equation is a formula that was created for calculating a BMR, or basal metabolic rate.

What is BMR?

BMR is the rate at which a human body burns calories while at rest, i.e. not related to exercise.

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