Enter your height, weight, age, and select an activity level to determine your estimated active metabolic rate (AMR).

AMR Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an active metabolic rate:

  • Where AMR is active metabolic rate (kcal)
  • BMR is your basal metabolic rate (kcal)
  • AF is your activity factor based on how active you are

To calculate your AMR, multiply your basal metabolic rate by your activity factor.

BMR can further be broken down into the following formula:

BMR (males) = 66.47 + 13.75 * (W) + 5* (H) – 6.76 * (A)

BMR (females) = 65.51 + 9.65 * (W) + 1.84 *(H) – 4.68 (A)

  • Where W is your weight (kg)
  • H is your height (cm)
  • A is your age (in)

AMR Definition

What is AMR?

AMR stands for active metabolic rate. It is an estimated rate at which your body burns calories per day based on your size, age, and activity level.

This differs from BMR since BMR does not take into account your activity level.

The activity factor in the formula above follows the below table:

Exercise Level AMR Multiplying Factor
Light (1-2 times per week)1.15
Moderate (2-3 times per week)1.35
Heavy (3-4 times per week) 1.50
Extra Heavy (5-7 times per week)1.85

Example Problem

How to calculate AMR?

First, determine your weight, height, and age. For this example problem we’ll be looking at a person who is 200 lbs, 72 inches tall, and 20 years old.

Next, determine the activity factor. For this example, the person is lightly active, so their factor is 1.15.

Next, calculate the person’s BMR from the formula above. This person is a male so their BMR is: 2155 calories.

Finally, calculate the AMR using the formula above:


AMR = 2155 * 1.25

AMR = 2693 kcal/day