Calculate your goal weight based on your BMI and height using this reverse BMI Calculator. This calculator can also determine your height or BMI if the other values are entered.

Reverse BMI Formula

The following formula is used to calculate your weight from your BMI and your height.

W = BMI * H^2 / 703
  • Where W is your weight (lbs)
  • BMI is your body mass index
  • H is your height (in)

To calculate your reverse BMI (weight), multiply your BMI by your height squared (in inches), then divide by 703.

Reverse BMI Definition

A reverse BMI is a method for calculating a person’s weight, given their BMI and height.

How to calculate reverse BMI?

How to calculate weight from BMI?

  1. First, determine your height.

    Measure your height and convert to cm.

  2. Next, determine your BMI.

    Using a chart or information from your doctor, determine your BMI.

  3. Finally, calculate your weight.

    Calculate your weight using the formula above.


What is BMI?

BMI stands for body mass index. It’s a measure of a persons weight with respect to their height squared.