Select your activity and enter your body weight into the calculator to determine your MET and calories burned per minute. This calculation can evaluate your MET, calories burned per minute, or body weight if the other values are known.

METs Forumla

The following formula is used to determine the calories burned per minute of exercise based on the metabolic equivalents of that exercise.

C= METs * 3.5 *(BW) / 200
  • Where C is the calories burned per minute (kcal/min)
  • METS is the metabolic equivalent of the exercise
  • BW is your body weight (kg)

To calculate your MET (metabolic equivalent), multiply your calories burned per minute by 200, divide by 3.5, then divide again by your body weight.

METs Definition

MET is short for metabolic equivalent. It’s a term used to describe the rate of energy usage a given activity uses with respect to a resting metabolic rate of a human.

For example, a MET of 2 uses twice as much oxygen per minute as the body does sitting at rest.

METs are often used in creating workout plans to help structure proper calorie burns throughout the plan.

Common MET Values For Exercises

The following table outlines common metabolic equivalent values for certain exercises.

Slow Walk2
Washing Dishes2.2
Slow Yoga2.5
Weight Training (light)3.5
Weight Training (heavy) 5
Fast Walk4.5
Swimming (easy)6
Swimming (hard)12
Biking (easy)8
Biking (hard)10
Tennis 8

Example Problem

How to calculate calories from METs?

  1. First, determine the metabolic equivalent (MET).

    For this example, the person is going for an easy swim. This has a MET of 6.

  2. Next, determine the body weight.

    In this case, the person weighs 60kg.

  3. Finally, calculate the calories burned per minute.

    Using the formula above, the calories burned per minute is calculated as :
    C= METs * 3.5 *(BW) / 200
    C= 6 * 3.5 *(60) / 200
    C = 6.3 kcal/min