Enter the total length of time you are jumping for and your intensity level to determine your calories burned jumping rope.

Jump Rope Calories Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the number of calories burned by jumping rope.

C = T * 15 * IF

  • Where C is the calories burned
  • T is the total time burned
  • IF is the intensity factor

Jump Rope Calories Definition

Jump rope calories are defined as the total calories burned performing the jump rope activity and are dependent on the total time spent jumping rope and intensity.

Jump Rope Calories Example

How to calculate calories burned from jumping rope?

  1. First, determine the time spent.

    Measure your total time in minutes spent jumping rope.

  2. Next, determine your intensity level.

    Make a determination on how intense you worked out. Max intensity would mean you could no longer jump rope for another minute by the end of the workout.

  3. Finally, calculate your calories burned.

    Using the calculator above, determine the number of calories burned while jumping rope.


How many calories are burned jumping rope?

On average a person will burn 10-20 calories per minute of jump rope depending on intensity levels.

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