Enter to total kilo-watts and the total amount of time into the calculator to determine the joules of energy.

KW to Joules Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total amount of joules from kilowatts of power.

J = KW * T *1000
  • Where J is joules
  • KW is the kilowatts
  • T is the time in seconds.

To calculate the joules from KW, multiply the power by the time.

How is KW converted to Joules?

KW is a measure of power, which is energy per unit of time, and Joules are energy, so to convert between the two, the power must be multiplied by time.

How to calculate Joules from KW?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate joules from kW.

First, determine the total amount of power. In this example, the total power is measured to be 10 kW.

Next, determine the total amount of time. In this case, the total amount of time is 500 seconds.

Finally, calculate the total amount of joules using the formula above:

J = KW * T *1000

J = 10 * 500 *1000

J = 5,000,000 joules


What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh) and how is it related to joules?

A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit of energy that represents the amount of energy used by a load of one kilowatt over the period of one hour. It is commonly used to measure electricity consumption. One kWh is equal to 3.6 million joules, which makes joules a smaller unit of energy measurement compared to kWh.

Can the formula for converting kW to joules be used for any type of energy?

Yes, the formula J = KW * T * 1000 is a general formula for converting kilowatts (a measure of power) into joules (a measure of energy) over a specified period of time. This formula can be applied to any type of energy that is measured in kilowatts, including electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy.

Why do we multiply by 1000 in the formula J = KW * T * 1000?

We multiply by 1000 in the formula to convert kilowatts to watts, as 1 kilowatt equals 1000 watts. Since joules are a measure of energy based on watts and seconds (1 joule = 1 watt * 1 second), the conversion from kilowatts to joules requires multiplying by 1000 to ensure the units are consistent and correct for the calculation of energy in joules.