Enter the total number of volts and the total charge in coulombs into the calculator to determine the Joules. This calculator can also evaluate the voltage or charge given the other variables.

Volts to Joules Formula

The following formula is used to convert volts to joules.

J = V * C
  • Where J is the energy (joules)
  • V is the voltage (volts)
  • C is the electrical charge (coulombs)

To calculate joules from volts, multiply the voltage by the electrical charge.

Can volts be converted to joules?

Volts can not be directly converted into joules with extra information because volts are a unit of voltage and joules are a unit of energy.

To calculate joules from volts you need the charge of the electricity in coulombs. From there, multiply the charge and volts together to get the energy in joules.

How to convert volts to joules?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the total joules from volts.

First, determine the voltage in volts. In this example, the total number of volts is measured to be 500.

Next, determine the electrical charge. In this case, the charge is measured to be 1.5 coulombs.

Finally, calculate the joules using the formula above:

J = V * C

J = 500 * 1.5

J = 750 joules