Enter the soil test recommendation, target rate, purity of the lime, and lime reaction factor into the calculator to determine the lime application rate.

Lime Application Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the lime application rate.

LAR = (SR * TR * 100) / (PR * LR)


  • LAR is the lime application rate SR is the soil test recommendation TR is the target rate PR is the purity of the lime LR is the lime reaction factor

To calculate the lime application rate, multiply the soil test recommendation by the target rate, then multiply the result by 100. Divide this result by the product of the purity of the lime and the lime reaction factor.

What is a Lime Application Rate?

A Lime Application Rate refers to the amount of lime that is applied to a specific area of soil to correct its acidity levels. This rate is usually determined by a soil test, which measures the soil’s pH level and its buffer capacity. The lime application rate is typically expressed in tons per acre or pounds per 1000 square feet. The goal is to neutralize the soil’s acidity, improve nutrient availability, and promote plant health and growth.

How to Calculate Lime Application Rate?