Enter the average load and the maximum load of a system into the calculator to determine the load factor.

Load Factor Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an electrical load factor.

LF = AL / ML *100
  • Where LF is the load factor (%)
  • AL is the average load (KWH)
  • ML is the maximum or peak load (KWH)

To calculate a load factor, divide the average load by the maximum or peak load, then multiply by 100.

Load Factor Definition

A load factor is defined as the percentage or ratio of the average load of an electrical system and the maximum or peak load of that same system over a given time period. The higher the load factor, the less likely a system is able to handle a sudden spike in power consumption.

Load Factor Example

How to calculate a load factor?

  • 1.First, determine the average load. Calculate the average load for the time period.
  • 2.Next, determine the maximum load. Calculate the peak load during the same time period.
  • 3.Finally, calculate the load factor. Calculate the load factor using the formula above.


What is a load factor?

A load factor is a ratio of average load to the peak load of an electrical system. Add question