Marginal Product Calculator

Enter the total change in output and the total change in input into the calculator. The calculate will evaluate the marginal product.

Marginal Product Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the marginal product of a produced good.

MP = O / I

  • Where MP is the marginal product
  • I is the change in input
  • O is the change in output

Marginal Product Definition

A marginal product is the ratio of the change in output with a corresponding change in input of a good or service. For example how the out put would change with a doubling of the input.

Marginal Product Example

How to calculate a marginal product?

  1. First, determine the change in input.

    Calculate the total change in input.

  2. Next, determine the change in output.

    Calculate the total quantity change in output.

  3. Finally, calculate the marginal product.

    Use the equation above to calculate the marginal product.


What is a marginal product?

A marginal product is a measure of the ratio of input to output of a product. This input and output could be quantities, monetary, or other metrics.

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