Enter the mass, volume, and molar weight into the calculator to determine the concentration.

Mass to Concentration Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a concentration from the mass.

C = M/(V*MW)
  • Where C is the concentration (g/mol)
  • M is the mass (g)
  • V is the volume (L)
  • MW is the molecular weight (g/mol)

To calculate the concentration from mass, multiply the volume by the molecular weight, then divide the mass by this result.

How is concentration calculated from mass?

Concentration is related to mass through the molecular weight and the volume of the solution. Knowing all 3 of these variables allows for the computation of the concentration.

What are the units of concentration?

Concentration is usually measured or calculated in units of grams per mole, denoted g/mol.

How to calculate concentration from mass?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate concentration when given mass.

First, determine the mass. For this example problem, the mass is measured to be 500 grams.

Next, determine the volume of the solution. This solution is measured to have a volume of 2 liters.

Next, determine the molecular weight of the solution. In this case, the MW is found to be 200 g/L.

Finally, calculate the concentration using the formula above:

C = M/(V*MW)

C = 500/(200*2)

C = 1.25 mol/L