Enter the percentage of the total mass the substance or object takes up, and the total mass of the entire solution/mixture to determine the total number of grams of the substance.

Percent to Grams Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the percent of a substance in grams.

G = TM * POM / 100
  • Where G is the total number of grams of substance
  • TM is the total mass of the solution/mixture (grams)
  • POM is the percent of the mass of the entire mixture that the substance takes up (%)

To calculate grams from percentage, multiply the total mass of the mixture by the percentage of mass, then divide by 100.

How do you convert percentage to grams?

While percentage and grams can obviously not be converted to one another directly because one is a dimensionless ratio and the other is a unit of mass, you can calculate the number of grams of a substance in an entire mixture using the percentage of mass.

To do this, take the total mass of the solution and multiply it by the percentage of the mixture that is the substance.

How to calculate grams from percentage?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate grams from percentage.

First, determine the total percentage of mass that the substance takes up. For this example, the substance takes up 50% of the total mass.

Next, determine the total mass of the mixture. In this case, the total mass is measured to be 500 grams.

Finally, calculate the number of grams using the formula above:

G = TM * POM / 100

G = 500 * 50 / 100

G = 250 grams