Enter the volume of a solute and the volume of a solution into the calculator to determine the percent of volume. This calculator can also evaluate either volume if given the other variables.

Percent Volume Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the percent by volume of a solute to the solution.

PV = Vsolute / Vsolution *100
  • Where PV is the percent by volume of a solute to solution (%)
  • Vsolute is the volume of solute
  • Vsolution is the volume of the solution

To calculate a percentage volume, divide the volume of the solute by the volume of the solution, then multiply by 100.

The units for volume can be whatever they are given in as long as they are the same for both the solute and solute.

Percent By Volume Definition

In the simplest terms, a percent volume is just a percentage ratio of one volume to another, but this term is most often used in chemistry when describing the percentage ratio of solute volume to solution volume.

Percent By Volume Example

How to calculate percent volume?

  1. First, measure the volume of the solute.

    Measure the total volume of the solute.

  2. Next, measure the volume of solution.

    Measure the total volume of the entire solution.

  3. Finally, calculate the percent volume.

    Calculate the percentage of the volume that is the solute using the equation above.


What is percent of volume?

A percentage volume is the ratio of the volume of one substance to another presented in base 100, which is a percentage.