Enter any mass value and the acceleration due to gravity. The calculator will convert your mass to weight in your units of choice.

Mass to Weight Formula

The following equation is used to convert a mass unit to a weight unit.

W = M*A
  • Where W is the weight (N)
  • M is the mass (kg)
  • A is the acceleration (m/s^2)

If you have some understanding of physics, you might notice that this looks similar to an equation you’ve seen. That equation is F=ma or force equals mass times acceleration. The reason that looks familiar is that they actually are one and the same.

Mass to Weight Definition

Weight is actually a measure of force, it’s just described as a weight to differentiate it from other forces.

Mass to Weight Example

how to convert mass to weight

  1. First, determine the mass of the object

    Through calculations determine the actual mass of the object.

  2. Next, determine the acceleration

    Calculate or measure the acceleration on the object due to gravity. On earth, this is 9.81 m/s^2.

  3. Calculate the weight

    Calculate the weight, also known as force, acting on the object due to gravity.


What is weight?

Weight is the force acting on an object due to its mass and the force of gravity of a larger object.