Enter your age into the calculator below to determine your maximum heart rate in beats per minute.

Max Heart Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the maximum estimated heart rate.

HRmax = 220 - Age
  • Where HRmax is the maximum heart rate in beats per minute
  • Age is your current age in years

To calculate the max heart rate, subtract your age from 220.

Max Heart Rate Definition

A max heart rate is the maximum beats per minute that your heart can pump blood at. This max heart rate is determined by your age and health.

Max Heart Rate Example

How to calculate a max heart rate?

  1. First, determine your age.

    Enter your age into the calculator above.

  2. Next, hit calculate.

    Hit calculate on the calculator or use the formula above to calculate your heart rate.


What is a maximum heart rate?

A maximum heart rate is the maximum possible beats per minute in which your heart can pump blood. In general, this maximum heart rate is dependent on age alone and otherwise is very similar from person to person.

How do you increase max heart rate?

There’s little literature that shows an effective measure for raising the maximum heart rate. In contrast, cardio will improve your resting heart rate, and lead to the maximum heart rate only being reached at higher exertion levels.

What is a minimum heart rate?

Elite athletes can have a heart rate as low as 30-40 bpm. This is considered unhealthy for normal individuals.