Enter the total weight of the media mail you are trying to send into the calculator to determine the total cost.

Media Mail Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the cost of sending media mail.

C = 2.66 + .51 * (W-1)
  • Where C is the media mail cost
  • W - 1 is the weight above 1 pound

To calculate media mail cost, multiply the weight above 1 pound by 51 cents, then add $2.66 to the result.

What is media mail?

Media mail is mail that contains any of the following types of media:

  1. Books
  2. Sounds recordings
  3. recorded video tapes
  4. printed music
  5. digital media on hard drives/flash devices

How to calculate media mail cost?

The following example explains how to calculate the cost of sending media via mail.

First, determine if the media weighs more than 1 pound. For anything under 1 pound, there is a flat rate of $2.66. For this example, the media is found to be greater than a pound.

Next, determine the total weight being sent. In this case, a book weighing 7.5 pounds is being sent.

Finally, calculate the cost to send the book using the formula above:

C = $2.66 + $.51 * (W-1)

C = $2.66 + $.51 * (7.5-1)

C = $5.97