Enter the total net force and force distance into the calculator to determine the total work.

Net Force To Work Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Net Force To Work.

W = NF * D

  • Where W is the work (N-m)
  • NF is the net force (N)
  • D is the distance (m)

To calculate the work from net force, multiply the net force by the distance.

How to calculate work from net force?

First, determine the total net force acting on the object.

In this example, using the help of the calculator linked above, the net force is found to be 500 N.

Next, determine the distance over which the force acted on the object.

In this example, the force was applied for a total of 5m.

Finally, calculate the work using the formula above:

W = NF * D

W = 500*5

W = 2500 N-m