Enter the total gross income and the total net income into the calculator to determine the net percentage of the net to gross.

Net Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the net to gross income percentage.

NP = ( N) / G *100
  • Where G is the gross income ($)
  • N is the net income ($)
  • NP is the net percentage income

To calculate the net percentage income, simply divide the net income by gross income, then multiply by 100.

Net Percentage Definition

A net percentage is typically used in finance to describe the percentage difference between the gross and net incomes of a person or company.

Net Percentage Example

How to calculate net percentage?

  1. First, determine the gross income.

    Calculate the total gross income of the company.

  2. Next, determine the net income.

    Calculate the net income of the same company.

  3. Finally, calculate the net percentage.

    Calculate the net percentage using the formula above.


What is a net income?

A net income is the total income of a person or business after taxes.

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