Enter the initial value and the final value after decrease into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the total percent decrease.

Percent Decrease Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the percentage decrease of a value.

% Decrease = IV – FV / IV *100

  • Where IV is the initial value
  • FV is the final value
  • % decrease is the percentage amount of decrease

Percent Decrease Definition

A percent decrease is a total ratio of the reduction of a value from its initial value to some final value.

Percent Decrease Example

How to calculate percent decrease

  1. First, determine the initial value.

    Calculate or determine the initial value you are analyzing.

  2. Next, determine the final value.

    Calculate the final value after the decrease.

  3. Calculate the percentage decrease

    Using the initial and final values, calculate the percent decrease using the formula above.


What is a percent decrease?

A percent decrease is a mathematical way to represent how much a value has decreased over time. Percents are ratios of numbers multiplied by 100.

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