Enter the total amount of substance after purification and the original amount of substance before purification. The calculator will evaluate and display the percent recovery of the purification process.

Percent Recovery Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the percent recovery from a purification process.

PR = SAP / SBP *100

  • Where PR s the percent recovery
  • SAP is the substance amount after purification
  • SBP is the substance amount before purification

The most important aspect of the calculator above is that the units of the substance amount must remain the same for an accurate calculation.

Percent Recovery Definition

Percent recovery is a term most used in chemistry to describe the amount of recovered substance after a purification process. This purification process could be anything from removing a chemical or separating a specific chemical entirely.

Percent Recovery Example

How to calculate percent recover?

  1. First, determine the substance amount before purification.

    Measure the mass of the substance before purification.

  2. Next, determine the amount of substance after purification.

    After purification, measure the total mass.

  3. Finally, calculate the percent recovery.

    Using the formula above, calculate the percent recovery.


What is a percent recovery?

Percent recovery is a measure of the amount of substance that was recovered after a chemical reaction or purification process.