Enter two different values into the calculator to determine the percentage difference.

Percentage Difference Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the percentage difference between the two values.

PD = | X - Y | / [(X+Y)/2]
  • Where PD is the percentage difference (%)
  • X is one of the values
  • Y is the other numerical value

To calculate the percentage difference, divide the difference between values by the average of those values.

Percentage Difference Definition

A percentage difference is the ratio of the difference between two numbers to the average of those two numbers.

Percentage Difference Example

How to calculate percentage difference?

  1. First, determine your values X and Y.

    Determine the two values you wish to calculate the percentage difference of.

  2. Next, calculate the average.

    Calculate the average of the two values.

  3. Finally, calculate the percentage difference.

    Divide the absolute value of X-Y by the average calculated in step 2 and multiply the result by 100. This will yield the percentage difference.


What is a percentage difference?

A percentage difference is considered the ratio of the absolute value of the difference between values divided by the average of the values and presented as a percent.