Enter the internal diameter, length, and test pressure into the calculator to determine the pressure test safe distance.

Pressure Test Safe Distance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the safe distance required for a pressure test.

SD = .15*D*(a)^.4*(p)^.6

  • Where SD is the safe distance (m)
  • D is the internal diameter of the vessel (m)
  • a is the length of the vessel (m)
  • p is the test pressure (bar)

What is a Pressure Test Safe Distance?


A Pressure Test Safe Distance is a minimum distance that humans should have spaced between them and a pressure vessel undergoing a pressure test.

The formula above is provided by ASME.

How to calculate Pressure Test Safe Distance?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a Pressure Test Safe Distance.

First, determine the internal diameter. In this case, the internal diameter is 2m.

Next, determine the length. For this problem, the length of the vessel is measured to be 3m.

Next, determine the test pressure. This is predetermined to be 500 bar.

Finally, calculate the Pressure Test Safe Distance using the formula above:

SD = .15*D*(a)^.4*(p)^.6

SD = .15*2*(3)^.4*(500)^.6

SD = 19.37m