Enter the total pressure and total area into the calculator to determine the thrust.

Pressure To Thrust Formula

The following formula is used to calculate thrust from pressure.

T = P * A
  • Where T is the thrust (N)
  • P is the pressure (N/m^2)
  • A is the area (m^2)

To calculate thrust from pressure, multiply the pressure by the area.

How is pressure converted to thrust?

Thrust is a unit of force, and pressure is a unit of force per area, so to convert the pressure to a unit of force you must multiply by the area.

How to calculate thrust from pressure?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate thrust from pressure.

First, determine the total pressure. In this example, the total pressure is measured to be 500 N/m^2.

Next, determine the total area that pressure is acting on. In this case, the total area is calculated to be 20 m^2.

Finally, calculate the thrust using the formula above:

T = P * A

T = 500 * 20

T = 10,000