Thrust Calculator

Enter the velocity, change in mass, and change in time into the calculator to determine the thrust force.

Thrust Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the thrust of force of a rocket.

T = v * (dm/dt)

  • Where V is the velocity
  • dm is the change in mass
  • dt is the change in time

In other words, this equation can be thought of the velocity times the change in mass flow rate.


What is thrust?

Thrust is the term used to describe a force generated by the movement of an exhaust, most often involving rocket.

Thrust Example

How to calculate thrust?

  1. First, determine the velocity.

    This is the velocity of the rocket itself, not the velocity of the exhaust.

  2. Next, determine the change in mass.

    This is the change in the mass of the rocket.

  3. Next, determine the time.

    Measure the change in time.

  4. Finally, calculate the thrust.

    Using the formula above, calculate the thrust generated.

thrust calculator
thrust formula

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