Enter the engine’s RPM and cylinder size into the calculator to determine the exhaust diameter.

Exhaust Diameter Formula

The following is the exhaust diameter formula:

D = SQRT( RPM * 3.14159 * C / 88,200)
  • Where D is the exhaust diameter
  • RPM is the maximum rotations per minute
  • C is the cylinder size

To calculate the exhaust diameter, multiply the RPM by pi and the cylinder, then divide by 88,200. Take this result and take the square root of it to get the exhaust diameter.

Exhaust Diameter Definition

An exhaust diameter is defined as the proper internal diameter of an exhaust pipe on a car for optimal performance and exhaust outflow.

Does exhaust diameter change sound?

An exhaust diameter does change the sound. The larger the exhaust pipe the lower the sound pitch. The smaller the exhaust pipe the higher the sound pitch.

How to calculate an exhaust pipe diameter?

  1. First, determine the maximum RPM of the engine. Measure the total max possible rotations per minute of the car.
  2. Next, determine the cylinder size. This is the cylinder size of the engine pistons.
  3. Finally, calculate the exhaust diameter using the formula above.