Enter the total boost in psi (pounds per square inch) into the calculator to determine the equivalent horsepower.

Boost to HP Formula

The following formula is used to convert boost from supercharger into generated horsepower.

HP = B * .07

  • Where HP is the horsepower
  • B is the boost (PSI)

Boost Definition

Boost is defined as the total pressure, most often measured in PSI, that a turbocharger or supercharger injects into the engine of a car. The injected air increases the horsepower of the engine for a small period of time.

Boost to Horsepower Example

How to calculate horsepower from boost?

  1. First, determine the total amount of boost.

    Measure the pressure in PSI delivered by the supercharger.

  2. Next, determine the generated horsepower.

    Calculate the estimated gained horsepower from the boost using the equation above.


What is boost?

Boost is the pressure delivered to an engine from a supercharger that temporarily increases the engine horsepower/output.